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Asian Legal Business: “The Current State of Commercial and Investment Arbitration in Vietnam”

Managing Partner Chau Huy Quang and Logan Leung wrote an article in the July 2018 issue of the Asia Edition of Asian Legal Business. In this article titled “The current state of commercial and investment arbitration in Vietnam”, Huy Quang and Logan highlight how commercial and investment arbitration have become increasingly popular in Vietnam as a result of the increased flow of foreign direct investment into the country. They then identify some challenges faced by arbitration practitioners, such as the recognition and enforcement of foreign awards (including investment awards) and the non-uniform approach by the local courts in handling arbitral awards. To address these concerns, the government is working with the judiciary to come up with internal guidance for dealing with arbitral awards. It has also organised high-level dialogues with the relevant ministries to discuss whether ratification of the ICSID Convention – which allows direct enforcement of an investment award – would be worthwhile.