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Recent Legal Developments in Vietnam

The Update provides an overview of the key developments in Vietnam with respect to the new policy on guiding the mechanism for cooperation in processing of applications for investment registration and enterprise registration submitted by foreign investors. It also provides updates on further regulations in the education sector, as well as regulations detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Pharmaceutical Law.

Recent Legal Developments in Vietnam

This Update provides an overview of the key developments in Vietnam with respect to tax, new policy on commercial mediation, and proposed amendments to Vietnam's competition law.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications Quarterly Regional Update: A Snapshot of the Past Year & A Look Ahead

As the first quarter of 2017 has begun, we are very excited to share with you the significant legal developments in the technology, media and telecommunications (“TMT”) sector during the last quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017.

This quarterly update aims to highlight the significant TMT-related legal developments in the ASEAN region, as well as in the key economies across the world. Written as a series of short, easy to digest summaries, we hope this update will help keep you informed of important events in the past year, and set you thinking about the potential opportunities as well as the legal issues in the area of technology on the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. We will issue these short regional updates every quarter to help you and your business keep up to speed with the latest developments.